Welcome to my blog

What is there to gain for non-gamers on this blog?

I will help you better understand the world of esports and gaming in a way that leaves no one behind. No gaming slang or technical terms in post for the non-gamers.

Why do I think I can help gamers get better or get a better understanding of esports or gaming?

I have been a part of esports as a player since 2004 and worked with it since 2010. So far I have logged 10k+ hours of CS, spread across 1.6, CSS and CS:GO. I have played a fairly high level of League before the seasons were introduced, I had a rating of 2300+ and pros were 2400+. Also I have been top 200 in the world in SMITE (in the beta periode).

I used to I work as a esports teacher on a school in Denmark. I worked fulltime with esports and gaming, nothing else. I am a part of esportservice.dk which is a company working with esports teachers and schools. We talk quite a lot about how to best improve the players skillcap and how to develop and prepare them for the pro life.

However my focus has shifted from competetive play to healthy life skills as I now work with the Esports Academy of Canada.

You can ask questions directly to me via comments, my mail or my facebook page. (Note my facebook page is in danish, but don’t let that hold you back from asking or give it a follow.

Thank you for your patience and once again welcome!

Kind Regards